As a society, we have become more mobile and people are moving away from their childhood homes and neighborhoods to seek jobs and adventure. Times have changed and now family and friends are scattered all over the country. Aging parents live 500 miles away or your children now live on the opposite coast.

Ten years ago, upon hearing someone was living out of their motorhome you might think that person was destitute. Boy has that image changed. Thousands of people each year are trading in their brick and mortar homes for a new home with wheels. What’s not to love about this lifestyle when you can change your dashboard view with the turn of a key.

Your parents live three states away? You can be there within a day. Family emergency? You are already packed and on your way. No more TSA BS. No more complaining that the grass needs cutting again. No more paying property tax on your sticks and bricks home.  Life is an open road.

One of the best aspects of a mobile lifestyle is that you can choose what state you want to domicile out of. Want to become a resident of South Dakota and enjoy the benefits of a state with no state income tax? You can do that… and by the way, you can become a resident of South Dakota in one day.

Maybe chasing 70-degree weather is your goal. Hitting all of the National Parks. Going to every Major League Baseball Stadium.  Turn the key and go.

Do you want all of the luxuries of home? You can have it. Go buy yourself a 2020 Prevost for $2.5 million and stay in swanky RV parks every night. Do you prefer a frugal lifestyle? You can buy yourself a good quality used RV for 10K and take off for BLM land out west. Every lifestyle is represented in the mobile lifestyle world. Find what fits you best.

Gone is the stigma of “Oh, you are going to live in a RV. I’m sorry.”  It’s been replaced with “I’m so jealous that you get to travel and see the country.” At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what others think. Do what makes you happy.

Whether you are hitting the road full-time to go catch-up with friends and family, just wandering around the United States or a have certain destination in mind, you are free. Free of the material crap that you sold off along with your house. You’re free to travel in any direction. Free to live your life.

Join an RV club. Travel around with others. Being single is no excuse because there are groups of single people joining together and caravanning all over.

The best part will be the friends that you make on the road. There won’t be any “My RV is bigger than your RV.” Rather you’ll be welcomed by hordes of people congratulating you on making the leap and hitting the road.

I’ll see you on the road.

Live free my friends,
Eric Gaddy