My name is Eric Gaddy and I’ve been a fiduciary financial advisor since 1993 and I specialize in helping people seize their freedom and retire early.

We have been sold a bill of goods. I bought the bill and, most likely, you have as well. I bet if you look around at your friends and family, they have too. Generation after generation has fallen into the same set of circumstances, most not even aware that they are in it. So, what is this bill of goods we have been sold?

After we graduate from high school, we all choose one of three directions: We’re either going to college, going to the military, or going to work. At some point, most of us are going to meet that special someone, fall in love, get married, and have babies. Once the kids are out of high school and ready to start their own lives, we are probably in our mid-forties. We look up and say, “I’m forty-five years old. Boy, retirement at sixty-five is only twenty years away. That’s not so far off.”

So, you get to age sixty-five and retire. If you’re lucky, you have ten good years to travel and do the things you always talked about doing: see the Grand Canyon, spend time in Costa Rica, ride your Harley Davidson across America and so on.

If you listen to what society expects, you’ll be working until you are 65 or beyond.

Retirement shouldn’t be age based rather when you get your DIAL in sync, you can retire at any age.

Feeling trapped and unfulfilled at age 48, I sold my investment firm and took a year and a half off.  I finished my book, roamed around in our RV and spent some time in Mexico.  It was through this time that I was able to come to grips with my career, a career I really enjoyed but not in its past form.  You see I had built my own prison with multiple offices which I couldn’t get away from until I sold. Now, I’ve created a virtual financial practice working with clients all over the country.  No longer am I trapped behind a desk.  No longer am I trapped in one geographic location.  I am free doing exactly what I love doing.  Helping you retire early.

“Nobody cares more about your money than you do.”  Let me be a close second.

Eric Gaddy has been a fiduciary financial advisor since 1993 and is the author of the book “Retire Early: What are you waiting for?” He also is the admin and creator of the Facebook Group “Retirement Made Simple”.  Eric is a virtual financial advisor, who up until the end of 2020, spent the past 25 years in Asheville NC.  He enjoys traveling with his longtime life partner Deb and spending time with his children, Kate and Frank.

I created DIAL into Retirement to simplify the answer to the question “When can I retire?”  DIAL is an acronym for Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle and it’s when you get these four items in sync, that you can retire at any age.  Let me help you DIAL into your early retirement.

Eric Gaddy Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Eric currently resides in Boiling Springs, SC

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