In these uncertain times, we have created a community where we can help each other with retirement planning through discussion and education, no matter the financial environment or our own differing situations: the Retirement Made Simple Facebook Group. The group is entirely Free and it covers all things regarding Retiring Early, Retiring Now or Retiring Down the Road.

Retirement doesn’t have to be complicated. With a solid plan, retirement can be a stress-free adventure. Even in uncertain times.

The goal of our group is to ask questions and educate each other. You might be struggling in areas of your retirement plan that others have already overcome. We are here as a community to help each other and share solutions.

By the joining our community, you’ll also have the option to receive a free downloadable copy of my book “Retire Early: What are you waiting for?”

As a financial advisor for the last 27 years, spending the last two years being an advice-only financial advisor (no products sold), and host of the “Personal Finance Unfiltered” Podcast, my goal is to be an educator and financial problem solver.

In this group you can expect:

  • Live Q&A’s on Facebook Live
  • Timely and relevant discussions on retirement including healthcare, social security, lifestyle planning, more
  • Sharing of articles for discussion
  • Webinars on various retirement topics
  • Interviews with CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorney’s, investment product specialists
  • Plenty more

This group has been created in order to help you learn and be better prepared for retirement. From time-to-time, I might offer up my services to the group as I coach people all over the United States through an hourly or monthly service.
(If this offends you then this is probably not the group for you.)

Bonus: As part of the group, you’ll also have the ability to call me directly for a free 15 minute conversation and will be receiving ongoing access to special offers for help and guidance that I roll out to the community to make sure we are all winning as best we can in the ever-changing market.

You can find join the “Retirement Made Simple” Group on Facebook for Free HERE. Come on over and introduce yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to our group.

Live free my friends,
Eric Gaddy