Live Free Retirement Advisor recognizes that folks approaching retirement fall into two categories:

  1. Those who prefer to hire an advisor to manage their money for them.
  2. The one’s that handle their own investing but need a little guidance.

At Live Free Retirement Advisor, we offer two different services that will assist you depending on which category you fall in.


I’ll Manage Your Money

Perhaps you don’t have the time, knowledge, experience or patience to manage your own money. I’m currently accepting new clients where I will manage your accounts for you. I’ve been managing money as a fiduciary since 1993. FYI..I am limiting the number of clients I work with to 30.

The Benefits:

  • Assets are held at Charles Schwab.
  • I charge a percentage on assets managed. I will be able to act with discretion on your account.
  • You’ll get all the benefits of all of my services including helping you fast track your retirement and lifestyle planning.
  • I can help you get your retirement income determined and set.
  • Limiting my client base to 30 allows me to monitor your account daily, offer you 24/7 access to me and spend as much time with you as needed for you to retire with confidence.
  • I will make sure you are involved, as I view this service as a partnership.

My Fee Schedule:

$0 to $1,000,000
= 1% on assets managed

$1,000,001 to $2,000,000
= .85% on assets managed

Over $2,000,000
= Negotiable

I’ll manage your 401k, 403b and other defined contribution plans.

I provide discretionary investment advisory services for Clients with retirement accounts not directly held with one of our Qualified Custodians, such as defined contribution plan participant accounts. We regularly review the available investment options in these accounts, monitor them, and rebalance and implement our strategies in the same way we do other accounts, though using different tools as necessary. We use a third-party platform to facilitate management of these accounts. We are not affiliated with the platform and receive no compensation from them for using their platform. As these accounts are held away from our Qualified Custodians, you must authorize us and connect your accounts to the third-party platform before your Advisor is able to review and/or rebalance your holdings.

My Fees: = .65% on assets managed


Advice & Guidance

You enjoy managing your own money which I love and applaud because I always say “Nobody cares more about your money than you do.” However, maybe you need a little guidance getting you to and through retirement. Being mindful that retirement isn’t just about your investment portfolios as retirement planning encompasses much more than that particular area.

One-Hour Coaching Session: $199

  • This is your hour to ask questions, review your plan or go into specific detail on your unique situation.

The All-In-One Package: $1,200

If you are looking for retirement answers quickly and do not need on-going advice, then this package might be for you.

What you’ll get with this package:

  • Access to eMoney. You’ll have a client portal with eMoney which will allow you to consolidate all of your accounts into one location. This is a data feed and you will not be required to move any of your accounts from where they are currently located. You’ll be able to see all of your financial accounts in one spot and I’ll be able to see your accounts as well from a coaching perspective. You’ll be able to stay on and use eMoney even after our time is over.
  • Second Opinion on Your Current Investments I’ll review all of your current accounts and offer you feedback on the performance, risk level and fees you are currently paying.  I’ll provide you with the complete Morningstar report for your records.
  • Social Security Report After providing me with your social security statements, I’ll run a detailed report on when is the best time to start your social security.
  • Retirement Plan After collecting the information from you, I’ll run a detailed retirement plan to review your current income plan as well as to make sure you are not at risk of running out of money in the future.

The All-in-One Package also includes:

  • One hour of phone/zoom conversation to go over your retirement planning, goals, and concerns. Once all the tasks are completed, we’ll hop on a call to discuss my findings and answer any of your questions.
    (Total phone/zoom consultation time is roughly three hours.)

Quarterly Retirement Planning Advice-Only Package

Society will have you thinking that you must work until age 65 but that simply is a false notion. In reality, retirement is not based on a default age of 65. Retirement is achieved when you have your finances in line with your lifestyle. This is why I created the D.I.A.L into Retirement concept. DIAL is an acronym for Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle and it’s when you get these four items in sync that you can retire at any age. I specifically created this advice-only package for folks seeking to retire early.

How can I help you?

  • Do you prefer to manage your own money but would like some advanced guidance and have a financial advisor on-call without the worry of being sold a product?
  • Are you approaching retirement and need help going from the accumulation phase into the distribution phase?
  • Would you like a quarterly “deep dive” into your portfolios? We’ll review your returns, review your risk and asset allocation.
  • Are you looking to retire early and need help in pulling it all together?

I’m here to help.

What you’ll get with this package:

  • Access to eMoney. You’ll have a client portal with eMoney which will allow you to consolidate all of your accounts into one location. This is a data feed and you will not be required to move any of your accounts from where they are currently located. You’ll be able to see all of your financial accounts in one spot and I’ll be able to see your accounts as well from a coaching perspective.
  • Quarterly Review using an advanced Morningstar subscription to run varies reports on your overall performance, risk and allocation. I’ll answer any of your questions and offer guidance to help you reach your goal.
  • Office Hours. On top of our scheduled quarterly call, you’ll also have access to me and my 28 years of experience. Each week I’ll have Office Hours where you can call me between 12pm EST and 4pm EST Monday through Friday, to ask any question. You can also email me with your questions anytime.

We’ll also be able to cover topics such as:

  • Retire Early Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Life Insurance Reviews
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Roth IRA Strategies
  • Debt Elimination for Retirement
  • Retirement Lifestyle Planning
  • Health Insurance Planning
  • Any others you would like to address

Cost: $300 One-Time Onboarding Fee + $400 per Quarter

This package does not have a contract that locks in for a period of time. You might find that you only need three months to get your questions answered. You may need ongoing help for several years. You can customize the package to your needs.

This package will close once I get to 30 clients. Work/Life balance is extremely important to me so I’m not sure at this stage how many clients I can take on without getting overwhelmed. I’ll reaccess once I get to 30.

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