DIAL into Retirement Subscription
Your affordable monthly option to getting on your path to freedom

Whether you are a DIY investor that needs a little guidance, a seasoned investor who wants to lower your management fees or you’re looking to hire your own CFO (Chief Financial / Freedom Officer), I can help you accomplish it.

“Nobody cares more about your money than you do. Let me be a close second.” ~ Eric Gaddy

Silver $39/mo

Gold $99/mo

($250 upfront)

Platinum $199/mo

($250 upfront)

Let’s Get Started!

Review all the special support in each subscription below and choose the best one for you.


Have some questions or aren’t sure how to proceed? Just click SERVICE BAR at the bottom and drop me a line and I’ll get right back to you.

ServicesSilver $39/moGold $99/mo
$250 upfront
Platinum $199/mo
$250 upfront
Initial Phone Call (30 minutes)XXX
Account Aggregation (You'll have access to your own personal financial dashboard with all of your accounts.)XXX
Email Access 24/7 to ask general financial questionsXXX
Yearly Review by Phone/ZoomX
Semi-Annual Review by Phone/ZoomX
Quarterly Reviews by Phone/ZoomX
Access to Advisor by Phone/Zoom (One call per month for Gold. Unlimited for Platinum.)XX
Review Current Holdings/AllocationXX
Second Opinion/Risk AnalysisXX
Breakdown of your current FeesXX
Should I buy it? A review of what your advisor is suggesting.XX
Insurance Review and PlanningXX
Limited Investment GuidanceX
Unlimited Investment GuidanceX
Retirement Planning AdviceXX
Financial Planning (We'll create a basic financial plan for you.)X
Goal PlanningXX
Succession Planning for businessX
Student Loan Repayment StrategiesXX
Explanation of Company BenefitsXX
Help with Improving your Credit ScoreXX
Debt Elimination XX
Saving for College EducationXX
Recovering from a DivorceXX
Account Monitoring (We'll monitor your investment accounts and alert you of issues.)X
Saving for RetirementXX
Creating a budgetXX
Buying a Home. How much can you afford?XX
Merging Finances with a SpouseXX
Estate Planning SuggestionsXX
Tax Planning SuggestionsXX
Educate you on how to invest on your own.XX
Income and Cash flow needsXX
Healthcare Cost ManagementXX
Where should you invest your money?XX
Early Retirement PlanningXX

If you’re paying over $3,000 in asset fees, we need to talk

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is subscription-based advice?  It’s advice for a flat monthly fee.  This advice model allows for greater transparency through the reduction of conflicts of interest.  This is advice only, so investment recommendations are based on your specific needs and do not benefit the advisor.  We do not sell any products.

If you’re just getting started investing and need guidance or you’re an experienced investor and looking for a second set of eyes to monitor your accounts, subscription-based advice assures everyone is getting the attention they need.

How it works?

First, we plan a 30 min telephone call to make sure we are a good fit for each other, and you get the best value for your money. 

If we choose to move forward, we will get you signed up with eMoney, which is an account aggregation program.  This system allows you to upload all of your bank, brokerage and retirement accounts into your personal dashboard for tracking purposes.  You will have a phone app that you can access that will give you a full report on how your money is doing. 

We have three services to choose from:

The silver package is for the person who is needing a little guidance from time-to-time and wants access to an advisor via email.

The gold package is for the person looking for more specific advice, would like to be able to email or speak with an advisor by phone or Zoom.

The Platinum package is for the person looking for specific investment advice and would like a second set of eyes monitoring their investments at all times.  Think of it as like your own personal Chief Financial Officer.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?  Yes, we do not lock you into a contract.

Why is there an upfront fee on the Gold and Platinum packages?  The upfront fee covers the cost of us “getting to know” you.  We will conduct a complete review of your financial situation, so we are up-to-speed on your financials therefore we’re better to serve you and your questions moving forward.

I already have a financial advisor, or I do all my own investing.  Do I have to change?  Not at all. We can monitor your accounts whether you have three other advisors, or you handle your own investments.  We’re not trying to take business away from anyone. We’re here to be your voice of reason, monitor what you’re currently doing and be an independent voice that helps you make the right financial decisions.


Eric Gaddy offers hourly advice for a fee
Investment Advisory Services offered through Shankland Financial Advisors, LLC, Registered Investment Advisor